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Stress And Depression


A person going through stressful situations on a continuous basis is more likely to develop depression than someone who is leading a stress free life. Events such as the death of a loved one, loss of job, divorce or a relationship ending often lead to stress and when this becomes a crisis it ultimately leads to depression. But stress is not always responsible for triggering depression. Even people with no stress can become clinically depressed. It is also found that if there is family history of depression than one is more likely to develop it. In such a case any traumatic event in life in combination with genetic disposition can lead to depression.

In people with chronic depression the effects of stress are stronger and more complicated. A theory called the “kindling- sensitization hypothesis’ states that the initial onset of depression brings changes in the brain’s chemistry and limbic system which can result in more such episodes. Even small stressful situations can lead to depressive episodes in these cases.

Avoiding Stress

When certain stressors become too intense people need to bring changes in their activities first working for too long in a cramped atmosphere? Get down doing some feeling related activities. Do something playful and enjoyable. You need to assess about your thinking pattern. Some people keep everything to themselves, so its better to talk to someone about something that’s bothering you. Relaxation sessions and moderate exercise is believed to help to some extent also. Don’t exert yourself with excess work and give yourself breathing space and extra time for leisure activities. Sometimes depression is the result of too much unresolved stress so learn to take one day at a time.

Seek help for Depression

For most people counseling therapy helps, whether it’s with a psychologist or a self esteem group. These groups are led by trained therapists. Counseling sessions once or twice a week are quite sufficient as long as one feels good about talking it out. Some people may also require medication besides counseling for biological causes and also situational depression. Some mild medicines with minimal side effects are available for students which are non addictive too. Those with a biological cause benefit from a long term treatment with these drugs. Although stress is a normal part of life, be aware that unusually large amount of it calls for a serious effort on your part and avoid depression.

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