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Job Stress: Causes and Tension in the Workplace

Job related stress is a modern day malady that is becoming common. It affects an individual when there are negative factors at work like demand for performance, increased workload, extremely long hours at work and unrealistic expectations from an employee. It creates insecurity in an individual putting undue demand on the mind. One has to adjust to the workplace culture or sometimes to a totally new environment, which can make you more alert and hence create stress in the mind. There are instances when women face sexual or mental harassment at work, which is a major worry. Offensive behavior by colleagues or seniors makes women suffer mentally. Also discriminations and family pressures add to it.

Signs of Job Stress

The signs of job stress are different for every person depending on how long one is subjected to it and the severity of the situation. The common symptoms are

  • Loss of concentration: losing interest in work as a result.
  • Insomnia
  • Anger and frustration
  • Family conflicts
  • Health problems, which develop slowly over a period of time, like heart disease, migraine, stomach problems etc.

Coping with job stress

Any kind of change can bring about stress in life although it’s an integral part of life. One needs to learn to adapt to the situation. It’s important in today’s competitive world. One must find time to rejuvenate and refresh one’s self. For moral support try and spend more quality time with your family. Avoid depending on alcohol or smoking while under stress which becomes a regular habit. Don’t develop negative mental states like anger, revenge or fear. This is where techniques like meditation and relaxation come to the rescue as it helps in personal growth. One should not hesitate to consult a doctor if the need arises while avoiding chronic stress. Develop congenial relationships at work. Learn from other’s experiences and improve your own communication as also accepting your shortcomings. Don’t be rigid in your thinking; rather be ready for change.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way like getting adequate sleep to keep up the energy levels. Pay attention to your diet limiting excessive consumption of caffeine. As soon as you notice stress building up at work try and take a break even if it is for a few minutes. Take a deep breath or take a walk. Deep breathing does wonders to ones mental state.

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