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Music and Stress Relief

Why music

Music is known to be a great stress reliever and healer. Experts say it is the rhythm and the beat that has a calming effect on the mind without our being conscious of it. It induces deep breathing and the brain releases the chemical serotonin which gives a feeling of joy and happiness. Playing any kind of music in the background while working unaware of it reduces stress. Combining relaxation therapy with music is more effective than relaxation alone.

Ways to use music for stress

  • While getting ready in the morning for work play some light music .it will pep up your mood and you will have more energy mentally.
  • While driving to work too and to avoid road rage, play some music it will relieve tension.
  • While cooking: People mostly feel too tired when they return from work and hardly in the mood for cooking. It’s a good idea to put on music that you like for example jazz and cooking will seem like a pleasant activity.
  • While eating: Eating your meal with music in the background triggers relaxation, which in turn lowers cortical levels. It is proved that classical music can actually help you eat less and better digest the food as you enjoy more while you eat.
  • Household chores: keeping the house clutter free and clean is itself a stress reducer but if you find it boring then play on music while you do the cleaning.

Before sleeping. Good sleep is a stress buster and listening to music before falling asleep can make you relaxed and lessen any tension or worry that you may have on your mind.

Suitable types of music

Choose music, which is soothing to the ears with a slow rhythm, or music that has a cyclical or repeating tone. When feeling particularly low go for something like childhood favorite music. Familiarity also brings about calmness. Take a walk with your walkman while listening to the songs parallely combining exercise with relaxation. Recorded sounds of nature, like ocean waves or breeze can reduce stress.

There are many other stress relief albums today in the market. Try Ray Lynch’s debut album The “Sky of Mind” It is quiet music and moves you emotionally. It has soothing Tibetan bells used since ancient times to sooth nerves. It has flute, piano, cello and keyboards. So make music a part of your life and you will never be left feeling lonely or stressed out.

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