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Yoga Stress Relief and Management

Yoga is an excellent practice not only for the body but also to the mind. As it involves breathing techniques along with physical movements it greatly benefits the mind. As we breathe deeply the oxygen is sent to the brain which rejuvenates the cells. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise for stress. It balances the different systems of the body like the central nervous system and endocrine and digestive system. It slows down mental activity which helps in taking the mind away from worries and tension. As you stretch your body it massages the internal organs creating calmness within you. The natural unblocking of energy is attained by yoga postures and meditation.

How stress affects us

When we breathe normally everyday the pattern is slow and regulated, under stress the breathing becomes shallow and quick. Hence oxygen is also restricted to the brain and all other parts of the body. The muscles get stiff and restrict the flow of blood which affects cell regeneration. Research indicates that lack of oxygen in the cells is a major factor in developing cancer, immunity deficiency and heart disease. When breathing is slow and deep the lungs work more the diaphragm moves properly drawing in more oxygen to the blood. This purifies the blood and the organs function efficiently.

Importance of breathing in yoga

Therefore the breathing pattern followed in yoga helps in helps in attaining physical health which in turn promotes mental health. Yoga offers many breathing techniques for stress affected persons. These are called pranayama or the vital life force. It involves the various ways of inhaling, exhaling and retaining the breath. It creates a balance between mind-body-spirit. Alternate nostril breathing is a form of pranayama which works on the nerve channels and cleanses them. It unblocks tensions in them thus calming the nerves as well.

Meditation in you

Meditation is a state of mind when one is able to shut out all kinds of mental fluctuations. It has proved helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration and lowering blood pressure. In toadies world here are various meditation techniques being used, one of them being Transcendental Meditation. It taps the cosmic energy field in a person.

  • Physical postures along with pranayamahave the most profound effect on the physical and mental being. Yoga asanas and meditation along with breathing help stress affected persons in following ways.
  • Improves flexibility.
  • Reduces tension and cure depression.
  • Changes attitudes and mental health
  • Improves concentration
  • Yoga breathing improves immune system and blood circulation.

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