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Confidence and Self Esteem

Nothing Is Impossible

All of us have to meet challenges at various stages in our life time. There are situations where you will feel that you cannot face a situation. In such situation confidence plays a major role. When you have confidence within yourself you can win over anything in this world. You can thus make everything possible with confidence. All your actions are controlled by your thoughts, the next time you face a big challenge, just don’t hesitate but instead take a deep breath and build your confidence. Another one behavior which every one has the chance to posses is over confidence. This is a behavior which is obtained once we perform extremely well in our job. This over confidence will always makes us feel the tuff tasks to be easy and as a result will lead to failure. On the other hand, if we have no confidence, then also we are in trouble. Thus it is always advised to have a good level of self confidence to do our job well.

Learn to Respect yourself first

Unless or until you value yourself you won’t value anything and other people also won’t value you. Whenever you doubt your own abilities just repeat this,[your name] ,you are great unique individual, a person who is capable of giving more rather than taking more, who said you cant face the world, nothing is impossible with you, you are indeed blessed with so many things in your life, you are a hard worker, forgiver, you always think positively. By telling this everyday you will feel a great self esteem boost in yourself, think only about your future, learn from your past and forget the past. Self Esteem and Arrogance are two terms linked together. Arrogance is something which makes us evaluate us more than our value. Where as the self esteem is the value others have on you. Both are different. It is only when you keep value on others does others value you and your principles. Thus when we have the self esteem we will be able to manage any difficult situations with pride and ease. This is the reason why people always prefer to have a self esteem. When we are at our work place, the two things which directly affect our work is confidence and self esteem. Only when we have self confidence we can take up an assignment. Also only if we have a self esteem we will be getting the trust and support from other fellow workers.

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