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Final Thoughts About Stress

If stress is not reduced or if you are not taking any initiative to reduce it then you will be prone to many diseases like Graves and fibromyalgia. You will also be put at the risk of facing heart attacks, stroke, insomnia, backache, headache, sports injuries and infertility.

The following are the stress release techniques that need to be practiced on a daily basis.

Natural Breathing:

  • Breathe deeply as the air flows.
  • Do not try to control your breath.
  • This type of breathing gives good relaxation.


Inhale through the nose slowly counting till 8 and exhale through mouth counting till 16.

Repeat it 10 times.


It includes walking and swimming that adds mental strength. It also improves sleet, neck and shoulder exercises serves a for arthritis patients. Neck roll exercise includes the activity of looking to the right bring down your head forward as if you are trying to touch your chin, then continue rolling your neck till it reaches the left shoulder. Then shift your shoulder towards the ears, then drop it slowly, Repeat it 10 times.

Good and Healthy food:

Try to have only nutritious food that would include proteins and vitamins. Never skip lunch at any cost. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, large amounts of sweets which can aggravate stress.

Hold Good Relations:

Try to have relationship with people who think positive, avoid any relation with people who speak negatively. Avoid telling lies as it may lead to a major stress. Communicate clearly with all your co-workers.

Time is precious:

Utilize time usefully, don’t organize meetings that must be attended at a stretch continuously. Always plan things before acting on it, it is always good to work according to the plan made, instead of randomly doing activities and wasting time.

Sensual Feeling:

You can do a steam facial by covering your head with a cloth with the face facing steam with aromatic herbs in water.

How to Prevent Problems:

Problems may occur at any part of time, so one has to take at most care to avoid it. It can be greatly avoided by proper planning. Plan your activities up to date correctly and try executing the planned actions correctly.

Physical Pleasure:

Give yourself a physical pleasure so that you are relieved out of stress. Try reading books, listening to music, watching television and interacting with the friends.

Good Nap:

A good sleep is always a very good stress reliever, it helps one to forget the entire world knowing that you are striving toward your dreams relieves frustrations.

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