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How to Control Stress?

Stress can be caused by many ways. It may be caused by due to some actions like traffic signal getting red, a misunderstanding with the boss, and remembrance of a stress pattern from the past or may be due to heavy work load. What ever be the cause of the stress, what we have to understand is that, we cannot change others mind, but we can change our mind during the stressful situation. Thus the best way to handle the stress is to relax ourselves. Though it is difficult to do, once we are able to do it we will never have any problems regarding the stress.

Letting the Control

The best way to handle the control is to let the control away from us. Say for example we are in deep stress because we are controlling someone. Say if this controlling creates the extra stress, we can just let the control away from us for time being and latter on come take over it once the stress state is over. During relaxing, we need to accept what the other people do. We should not react to what they do. At some point we will feel ourselves relaxed. There are people, who will be keeping on getting annoyed always. When we start to relax, we will feel them as a comic characters getting angry always. Ultimately the main thing we have to do is to take up a conscious decision as to what to do. Whether to be angry, happy, or sad during the stress state. Another one situation is like stopping ourselves form getting hurt due to the stress. For example, if we find ourselves attacking some one, we also have to take in to the note whether we will be hurt once the other person starts counter attack us. Once we know this we will be able to stop ourselves from further attacks. Thus its all available in the sub conscious mind.

Sub Conscious Mind Controls Us

We are aware of some basic things like adding two and two will give four. These are already stored in our sub conscious mind. When we get this question our conscious mind asks the sub conscious mind and gets us the answer. But suppose we are asked what is the lunch we had ten years back, we will be not able to answer. This is because, we are not aware what is in our sub conscious mind unless our conscious mind helps in resolving it. Thus what ever we do in our conscious mind, it is been controlled by our sub conscious mind.

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