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Stress Basics

There are many situations where a person always faces a lot of different consequences in his life. Of all the situations he faces he will be happy with some while at the same time he will be fed up with some. So the way a person faces a situation is always an important discussion when anyone talks about stress in anyone's life. Stress is not a disease it only how a human being handles situations and reacts upon. If we take things light then it’s a good remedy from stress. Many people approach doctors since they feel that they got a hyper tension, but they won’t realize the cause of it, the way anyone handles a situation will be the crucial factor.

Why Stress

Stress can be caused due to many reasons, there are situations when your business partner cheats you or there are situations when you have a misunderstanding with your life partner, it may be of your children's behavior at school, home and in your neighborhood. There are some cases where you get anger when your opinion is not supported by any of your colleagues in your office. When you see any horror movies or listen to loud noise or have a long drive in a rush traffic.

So if we keep on mentioning the various factors the list never ends we can put a lot of factors why stress can be ignited in any person like the above.

What happens?

When we feel that we are ignited with stress then we wont have a control of our body behavior, we feel that we are out of control, we do approach a doctor also, sometimes some people get headache and also get tired up easily and they will also get a habit of forgetting very simple things that they used to do when they were in normal mode. The blood pressure will increase a lot.

What to do then?

There are many ways how you can manage yourself when you feel that you are running in a stressful condition. Try to control your feelings, try to eat a food which is not that much spicy, if you have time go fro gentle naps, some do meditation, this is a good practice, and yoga will help a lot in getting remedy from this stress. There are some medicines which will be suggested by your family doctors so take them on their guidance.

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