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Even Though there are various methods to alleviate stress it is always advisable for an individual to undergo the stress Test, with the help of these tests one would be able to identify their own stress level and work towards reducing it. Frank Barry, M.D., a family practiced physician in Colorado Spring says that there are tests available that would tell if a person is stressed “hot reactor” or not. There's no exercise, no threat to your life, but a lot of people still feel mental stress and agony and their blood pressures shoot up," says Dr. Barry.

The following are the stress test that ought to be made to measure the risk for disease. The first 2 tests must be followed by the activity of checking blood pressure reading twice, once before the test and once during the test for comparison.

Test 1:

Put your hand into a bucket of cold water for a minute and take it out and immediately check your blood pressure. If it is high then it is in response to the physical stress, you are a “hot reactor”. Once you identify that you are a hot reactor then you have to take suitable steps to relieve yourself from the stress by following the various stress management techniques.


This test is just a mathematical calculation that has to be done to identify if a person is a hot reactor or not. Start with the number 100 subtract 7 from it, continue subtracting 7 from the result obtained from the previous calculation till the value reaches 2.In the midst of your figuring ,check your blood pressure, if it shows high then you are a “hot reactor”.

Test 3:

You can also test yourself by asking yourself “are you working towards your own goals or someone else’s?”.

All the above tests serve in some way or the other to identify the stress level of a particular person. There are many situations where a person may find it very difficult to analyze if he is under stress or confusion, however the above serves to be simple test for any person to implement. These tests has to be undertaken by every individual to determine their stress condition in advance so that they can avoid being prone to various diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Dr. Barry also includes that people are not interested to take up such tests just to identify if they are hot reactors or not, but instead they are meeting the various impacts of stress.

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