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What is Stress?

Stress is something which your body reacts to a particular situation based upon the messages supplied by your brain. Stress is the outcome reaction that will be shown out by anyone when faced by a different situation which is apart from the normal ones. The body mechanism also plays a vital role for ignited or bringing a stressful condition in a person. The hormones that eject from the adrenal glands will be acted accordingly under the supervision of the brain. Stress is the condition or the reaction that our brain directs us to do based upon the event the we do abnormally or for a long time or something which is irregular from the normal, stress is related to a lot of deviation of a human behavior in his physical as well as mental condition.

Anxiety leads to Stress

Well there are many reasons why we can discuss this topic here, if anyone becomes anxious when he is in a happy mode or in a sad mode, when he faces any situation which is a much comfortable one for him or something which is not that much comfortable then this anxiety leads to ultimate stressful situation. It’s all a brain game when this stress is concerned. When anyone gets exited upon any issue, then he tries to think a lot into that issue, sometime there are situations where people dream in their sleep regards these. So when anyone makes himself put up in that type of situation then normally he feels that he is overloaded and stressed.

Nature of work

The way anyone works will also have a affect, since in order of putting normal 8 hours work if he tries to work for long hours like 14-15 a day then he won’t have time to relax and he can’t concentrate on other issues to put forward. This is a simple case where the stress comes into picture. There are a lot of cases where many have face this stress due to their work culture. Many employees who are working must concentrate to see that they adjust their work in-between their normal work timings rather then putting for long work hours and running with stress.

Stress can be harmful, there are cases where some got affected with heart strokes and some with high blood pressures and some with severe headaches.

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