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Anxiety Stress Symptoms

Anxiety is a form of stress. Anxiety is feeling of fear and uneasiness. Stress can come from any situation like anxiety, anger, fear, etc. It will not be common in all people. Stress varies from person to person. Some times it is difficult to recognize stress and anxiety in people. But there are some symptoms to recognize the anxiety. The list given below will help us to know about the anxiety symptoms.

Symptoms of anxiety

Emotional symptoms of anxiety are fear, rapid breathing, decreased concentration, difficulty in sleeping, irritability, loss of temper, depression, anxiousness, confusion, etc. Physical symptoms of anxiety are head aches, sweating, restlessness, increase in blood pressure, increase in heart beat rate, diarrhea, pain in chest, shortness in breath, difficulty in swallowing, urine problem, etc.

Reasons for anxiety and stress

There are many reasons for occurrence of anxiety, fear and stress. Some of them are as mentioned below.

  • Anxiety may cause because of poor diet for example taking food which is less in vitamins, rich in carbohydrates and fats, etc.
  • Some medicines which lead to side effects also cause anxiety and also with drawl of drugs some times.
  • Stress also occurs during financial crisis, health problems, death, divorce, exam tension, interview tension, middle life crisis, negative attitudes and feelings, unrealistic expectations, etc.

Heart rate is an anxiety stress symptom

One should have control on their heart rate. There are some easy ways to control the heart rate. We should monitor our heart regularly. We should check our heart beat rate. By doing this we can aware of the stress level. Check your pulse rate for 3 to 5 minutes and note it down and check whether it is slows down and speeds up or not. Treatment for this anxiety is self care, attending counseling sessions, medicines, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation, etc. There are some anxiety disorders like reaction disorders, phobia, panic disorders, etc. Anxiety is the symptom of many mental health problems. Anxiety leads to depression some times. Blood test is recommended if thyroid disorder or mental illness is found to check the stress level and anxiety level. Anxiety may lead to heart problem also. Every one should try to keep themselves stress free by doing meditation, yoga, exercises, aerobics, listening to music, hobbies, gardening, etc. We should always keep ourselves away from anxiety by doing the things in which we are interested. We should also monitor our heart rate regularly.

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