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Chronic Stress

Stress is always good whenever it comes very rare. Frequent stress is a unhealthy sign for anyone. Whenever we feel stress the hypothalamus starts some physiological changes which stimulates some chemicals to the adrenal glands to release the adrenergic chemicals. Glucorticosteroids is the other chemical produced by the gland.

Effects of Stress

The adrenergic substance will accelerate the heart beat and pumps the blood so hard. It will divert the blood flow from the skins and will make the skin cool. Moreover Glucorticosteroids will extract the energy stored in the muscles and makes the person more prepared for the stress. Increasing the heart beat will increase the blood pressure and as a result will make the person feel more alert. Once the stress period is over, the adrenergic chemical will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn will counter act with the adrenergic substance. Thus the blood flow is restored to the skins and the digestive systems.

Types of Chronic Stress

When there is a scenario where there are frequent stress, then the stimulation of adrenal chemical will be always produced in the boy which is not good for health because the stress response will be always ramped up. There are two types of steroids used by the athletics in order to bring their maximum performance. They are anabolic and catabolic. In case of anabolic they are abusing the testosterone hormone which is mainly for building muscle tissues. In the case of catabolic steroids they just tear the muscle tissues. These steroids extract the energy available in the body. They also affects the digestive system and as a result will block the path for fresh air into the muscle tissues. Once there is no more energy left, they break down the muscle tissues and extract the energy. This is chronic stress at the extreme.

Chronic stress Effects

Chronic stress responsible for irregular heart beats which will lead to heart attacks and strokes. The immunity system of the body gets damaged. As a result there are more chances that sever diseases affect the person. Also since these stress affect the arteries and veins, there are chances that flow of blood gets affected and cholesterol level increases which also results in heart attacks. Another major effect of chronic stress is that the body gets aged very quickly which makes a young person make look very old. The skin gets older due to the effects of chronic stress. Thus it is always good to avoid too much of stress, as it will reduce the life span of the person.

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