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Depression Stress

What is the relationship between stress and depression? You are probably aware that when you become stressed-out, you also tend to become more depressed.

It is clear and confirms that depression is also a form of stress but the relationship is not a simple one, however.

Generally people feel depressed if the work is not completed with in the time or some thing has not happened correctly, etc. There are many reasons for depression. There is a link between depression and stress. Depression may occur after long time of stress. Stress can be either positive or negative. It will not be common in all people. Stress level depends on the situation we are facing. There is a chance that people will feel depressed even when there is no stress in their life. Job problem, financial problem, middle life crisis, etc comes under negative stress. Marriage tension, change in environment, adjustment in new location etc comes under positive stress.

Causes of Depression

Exact reasons for depression are not yet known. But there are some estimated causes for depression. They are genetic factors, environmental factors, biological factors, etc. some of the risk factors for depression are heredity, martial problem, age, gender, etc. It is found in research that percentage of women is more than men who fall into depression stress. The causes of clinical depression changes from person to person. They will not be common among all people.

Treatment for Depression

There is no proper treatment for depression stress. Self treatment is the best treatment for depression. It includes set some goals in life, break the work in to small ones and do how much you can do, do the things in which you feel comfort and have interest, do yoga, aerobic exercises, jogging, meditation, take a counseling session, listen o music, hobbies, gardening, try to take decisions when your mind is free from stress and fear, etc. By doing things in which we feel comfort we can avoid stress which leads to depression in our life. He can use management techniques to avoid stress.

The depression stress link helps people who experienced early childhood trauma. By learning stress management and decreasing depression during stressful time may help people to have a better quality of life. One should also check their pulse rate regularly. Sometimes depression leads to some health problems like heart stroke. Therefore one should take care of their health and try to be stress free always to avoid depression and anxiety in their life. If we are free from depression, stress, fear and anxiety then we can live a happy life and we also increase the quality of one’s own life.

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