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Emotional Stress

Stress is nothing but the state of the body to cope up with an foreseeing danger. Stress can be either emotional stress or physical stress.

Physical Stress Vs emotional Stress

Physical stress is caused due to the heavy work load stress. These stress may lead to some predictable physical body changes. They can be easily identified and avoided easily by a medical professional after some medical treatment. For example if a person is having some physical stress, then he will have an irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, frequent urination etc. Where as if a person come cross to emotional stress, the effect are even more serious. Emotional stress is caused by the person himself either due to  the occurrence of some sudden sad incident in their life, or thinking about the past memories. These thoughts will make them bring harm to themselves. Emotional stress extending few minutes can even make the person make injuries to himself. Sometime if the person is not able to control his emotional stress, he may even commit suicide.

Treatment for Emotional Stress

Just like Physical stress there is no specific treatment for emotional stress. The reason why there is no treatment for mental stress is because like physical stress, in mental stress there is no proper symptoms visible in the body. The medical professional has to talk to the person and only based upon what he says, he can come to a conclusion as to what is the origin of the stress. As the person is in stress, it is very difficult to even trust his symptoms as it may be inconsistent. Thus there is no strict rule as to treat a person with mental stress based upon the physical symptoms. While speaking to the person with mental stress, we will be able to understand to some extend the source of the stress and the stressor. Then it will be easy to identify the remedies to avoid the stress. Also it will help him to tackle the stressors in future.

Preventive Measures

Some of the precautions which is to be taken to avoid emotional stress is to avoid thinking about the past, stop negative thinking, always speak to people and never let yourself bogged. One of the best ways to avoid mental stress is to engage yourself in some work always. Emotional stress is found in people who stay alone, or people who have lost their loved ones. It has also scientifically proved that people with emotional stress has very short life span.

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