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Stress is defined as a condition or situation which will disturbs both mental and physical health of an individual. Every one will suffer with this stress problem at one stage in their life. There are many causes and symptoms for the cause of stress. Stress can be related to both physical and mental conditions. There is a relation between stress and mind body connection. Stress response perhaps is best example for mind body connection. There are many reasons which cause stress and it is difficult to list them as different persons react differently to the same stress conditions. Stress is caused because of change in life whether it is good or bad.

Causes of stress

There are many reasons for the cause of stress. Some of them are attitudinal, situational, genetic, smoking, etc. Some situations like financial problems, death, divorce, middle life crisis, etc are examples for situational stress. Children of stressed out parents may suffer from emotional disturbances, depression, anxiety, etc. stress during pregnancy may lead to problem. Generally people will people smoke to keep their mind relaxed. But it is observed that smokers feel anxiety, stressed and depressed than non smokers. Other factors of stress are environmental factors, hormonal factors, emotional stress, financial stress, etc. Change in your daily routine life and change in your body health are also stressful.

How to reduce stress

We can reduce stress to some extent by doing meditation, by listening to music, jogging, aerobic exercises, yoga, playing with pets, doing voluntary work, gardening, hobbies, etc. There is a chance that some times stress may cause some health problem like heart attack. Symptoms of stress are nervousness, anxiousness, internal pressure, depression, irritable, head aches, heart problems, etc. The best treatment for stress is self care at home. Regular exercise will help us in the treatment of stress. By doing exercises we can keep our mind fresh and we can also have active body. Thus by taking care of ourselves we can reduce the stress in our body.

One should try to keep themselves stress free always by following above methods. If we are stress free then we can be active and fit always. If we know how the mind body connection works then we can use it to reduce and manage the stress. The mind connector is also called as hypothalamus. It secretes corticotropic releasing factor (CRF) and initiates the body’s response to stress.

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