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Job Stress

Nowadays as every one wants to compete by showing their skills. There are chances that people become stressful occasionally. The reason for this stress may be a lot. Stress occurring due to job will make them not do their job properly and effectively. It will as a result lead them to fail in their assignments. Thus the working lot should see to it that extra stress no way helps them in performing their work. Though stress plays a major role wile doing work, it should not go beyond the limits. This article explains abut the causes of job stress, its symptom and remedies.

Stress due to Job Security

People working in big international firms will feel that if they don’t work properly, they will b fired from the company. This is because of the feeling that there are lot of people waiting outside to do the job in this company. Thus automatically people will feel the stress. This stress will last until he or she is promoted or encouraged by the higher officials. But in very few cases, the company fire the employees because they are not efficient. Thus the employees should think that no way the company is going to fire me. Thinking in this way will reduce the tension and will relax him considerably. Thus he will be able to concentrate more on his job than before.

Stress Due to inferiority Complex

People working in big organizations feel that they are not the suitable person to work there. They always think inferior to others. This is the greatest mistake that an employee is committing to himself. This will reduce his efficiency as he will be always thinking about it while working. In this circumstances he needs to relax himself for a while. He needs to tell to himself that no one other than he is suitable for the job. He has to convince himself telling various achievements which he has gained in the past. If the employee is not able to work due to over stress caused due to his work, he needs to relax a bit and start his work. He can close his eyes, sit idle for some time, go outside and have a coffee. He may also use some meditation skills to help him cope with this stress. There are cases, where the stress is caused due to his subordinates. In such situations, he needs to calm down to his fellow workers. Thus doing some corrective actions like this can make him relaxed and do his work effectively.

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