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Natural Stress Relief

People always prefer to stick on to natural stress relief methods. This is because it does not have any side effects as like other medication. But the truth is that what we feel natural stress relief methods is not actually the real stress  relief method.

The best natural stress relief practices are like eating home made food, being with family, playing games, mingling with friends, breathing fresh air etc.

Mediterranean Diet

The main ingredients in our food which brings stress is fatty and oily food. This is the reason why people in US had high stress as compared to the people in Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean diet consist of food with rich complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Also the red wine which they use also acts as a antioxidant agent thus making them always healthier and fresh. Moreover they be with their family laughing playing with their friends and breathing fresh air. This is what we call the natural stress relief. Though Mediterranean diet is said to be more fatty than the US diet, it contains lot of carbohydrates. Stress could also be resolved by doing some enjoyable exercise. Exercise does not mean something which should be done to build your muscles. It is something which will enjoy like playing freebie with kids, taking a walk on a sunny winter morning. Loving someone and being spiritual is also other natural stress relief methods.

Health Care Therapies

There are a lot of treatments for natural stress relief. One among them is ordinary medical treatment. This involve treating the person by prescribing him some medicine. Also this type treatment are more suited for physical stress relief. Also these medical treatments if not properly done may lead to severe side effects.

There are a lot of therapies used for natural way of treating stress. Some of the popular therapies are as follow. Massage therapists are personals who does some massages to help us resolve the stress. Aroma therapists suggests the scent which will avoid stress. Color therapy is meant for removing the stress by asking us to look some color. Herbalists are people who prescribes us some plants which helps us in reducing stress. The person who uses all these therapies are known as the naturopaths. These people are also just like doctors. They do their our year training and come as naturopaths. Naturopaths suggests the natural treatments like prescribing some herbs, suggesting some good food habits, some exercises and yoga, etc. Most of these, it the healthy life style which we lead that reflect in our stress less life routine.

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