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Oxidative Stress

As many stress is caused spontaneously, the oxidative stress is caused due to the health style. Human body needs oxygen to breathe and live. Using this oxygen, the energy is produced. These energy is used by the body for many metamorphic functions. When the body uses the oxygen, some organisms like free radicals are also produced. This create considerable stress over the body cell tissues and membranes. Thus we need to reduce the mount of stress occurring in the body cells.

Anti Oxidants

The antioxidants are the substances that are used to counter attack or resist the affect of free radical. These anti oxidants are produced by the body from the food what we eat. These anti oxidants will prevent the stress produced by the free radicals. A healthy life style will bring forth more anti oxidants which will reduce the effect of the free radicals. Smoking is another injurious practice to help. Here the smoking will reduce the amount of antioxidants that exists in the body. Thus it is always advised not to smoke. It is very difficult to stop smoking but there are medicines that could be taken to stop smoking. Moreover more antioxidants will be removed by smoking which will leads to the attack of many diseases.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is the main thing which helps in stopping the oxidative stress. Food which consists of multi vitamin substances will help in improving the level of anti oxidants in the blood. It is always advised to have some of the oxidant food substances like carrot, tomato, tea in the food diet. These food elements will produce more anti oxidants and will result in less oxidative stress.

By reducing the amount of free radicals through improved amount of antioxidant elements we will be able to protect form various diseases like cancer, etc. The anti oxidants also will improve the immunity system of the body. Thus it is multi functional as having balanced diet will help us avoid the oxidative stress as well as improving the immunity.

Unlike other stress, oxidative stress is more likely to be controlled. Thus we should be careful while we choose our food habit. We should not take up foods which will reduce the anti oxidants. Also these anti oxidants will give good skin moisture and will also make us healthy for a long time period. So lets take anti oxidant rich food and stop the oxidative stress.

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