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Reduce Stress

Stress is something which very few people prefer to have. The stress is a mechanism to prepare the body for the forthcoming danger. When the stress occurs, there is an increases in the blood pressure, irregular or fast heart beat, the body gets cold, and so on. These changes in the body are due to stimulation of a lot of hormones in the body. In order to control these hormones affect is not possible. The only way we can control the stress by doing some breathing exercise. The reason why we need to control the stress is to do our job perfectly, with out any problems.

Count till 10

Whenever we feel stress, we wont be able to do anything. All what we do is to think about the stress, which is of no use. Thus we have some exercises which will help you to control the stress. Whenever we feel stress, it is better to count till 10. This will ease the breathing. Our breathing speed will be reduced by this counting. Once the breathing rate is reduced, we automatically feel relaxed and our heart beat will come to the normal state. Thus it is always advisable to reduce the breathing to stop the stress state.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Another breathing exercise which we can do is to reduce the breathing rate. When we feel stress our breathing rate will be fast. Thus when we reduce the rate of our breathing, we will be able to reduce the stress also. Its not necessary that we need to count till 10 while reducing our breathing. As we start breathing, our stress reduces.

Everyone will enjoy to have an average stress to speed up their work. But if the stress increases beyond the limits then it will be a serious issue. This will make us do nothing. Thus it is always advised to do some breathing exercise while we feel stress.

Consult a therapist

Stress exists every where. It can affect the family life and also at the work place. If we are able to control the tress to some extent, then we will be able to work and live happily without any issues. If we are not able to control the stress even after doing the above mentioned breathing exercise, then it is better to consult a therapist. This is because he will be knowing a lot of ways as to how to control the breath.

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