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It is difficult to know the actual reason for cause of stress. Stress is a form of condition which will disturb both mental and physical health. There are different types of stress such as chronic stress, depression stress, emotional stress, health stress, job stress, financial stress, illness related stress, etc. Stress is also a form of anxiety, fear, depression, etc. There are many reasons for cause of stress such as interview fear, health problem, death, divorce, middle life crisis, finance problem, etc. We will know about the stress causes in detail in this topic. Some causes for stress are life causes, general causes, stress at work, etc.

General causes

Causes like fear, threat, uncertainty, etc comes under general causes. Threat leads to fear which results to stress in final. Financial threat, physical threat, social threat and so on leads person to be stressed.

Life causes

Health problem, death, divorce, argument, environment change, sexual problems, crime, emotional problems, new location, increase in responsibilities, relationship problems, etc comes under life causes which leads to stress, fear and anxiety.

Sometimes work load will also leads to stress. Sometimes work will be more and we will not be able to do it with in the time. In such conditions we may feel tensed, confused which further leads to stress, anxiety and fear. Lack of clear job description, heavy responsibilities, lack of understanding leadership, lack of time to complete the work, temporary work, contract basis work, etc. There are some symptoms to recognize stress. They are problem in breathing, increase in heart rate, loss of temper, depression, problem in sleeping, irritability, restlessness, head aches, sweating, urine problems, etc.

One should try to keep themselves away from stress, depression, anxiety, fear. One should be free from stress by doing yoga, aerobics, listening to music, hobbies, gardening, etc. One should also take care of diet and monitor heart beat regularly. We should check pulse rate for 3 to 5 minutes and check whether it slows down and rapid increase. We should know the main cause of stress so that we can eliminate it easily and quickly. Self treatment is the best way to avoid stress. We can also go for counseling or take medicines. But before taking medicines we should take advice of doctor so that we will not face any side effects. One should relax and think about the situation to come out the stress and anxiety. Thus one should try to live life in relaxed manner because some times stress may lead to some health problems like heart problems.

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