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Stress Management and Personality

There has always been a question among the individuals if there would be any relationship between stress management and personality. Many have their own stress management techniques, but now I wonder if those techniques would tell something about their personality. Each and every individual have their own stress management techniques but however it would serve them as an effective tool only if it is capable of relieving them from stress. It would be interesting to see if we could identify a person's personality type by asking what his favorite stress management tip is.

Social Support and Loneliness:

There are 2 kinds of people, extraverts and introverts. Extraverts are people who always like interacting with the others, but introverts are those who always like being alone.

An extrovert would have stress release technique as having fun with friends around them

Whereas an introvert should have stress release technique as meditating and observing in silence. You have to learn to mingle with the society and the people to have a relaxation over the stress that you are prone to, even though some people may like to be alone it is always advisable for you to interact with others especially with those people who have a positive thinking ability rather than being a negative thinker and induce more stress in you by telling about the negative aspects in life.


An intuitive person's stress management tip could be visualization where they are using their sixth sense to gather information. A sensing person might suggest muscle relaxation where you give much importance for the tension in the muscles, this serves them as a stress management tip. Feelers think with their emotions, and while they may collect data, they make decisions based on their gut feeling. A feeler's best stress management tip might be to take some deep slow breaths.

Reframing, Judging and Perceiving

It is the activity of a good thinker, where they would view a single situation with a different perspective which serves as a good stress management technique for them. A good thinker is capable of viewing things in the right perspective throwing away the negatives in it. A good judger might have his stress management tip as  to organize one’s work area neatly so that everything is present where it is ought to be, whereas a Perceiver would have his technique as to do something funny and to be spontaneous. A major aspect to be noted is that personality and stress management always goes together.

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