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Stress is something which will initiate our hormones to face the unexpected situations in our day to day life. At times it is very useful because it will make us do the work before the deadline. But if the level of the stress goes beyond a limit, we will slowly feel the pressure. This is the beginning of stress related issues. Stress Management is the answer for this issue. Stress if not controlled in the initial stage will lead to some health hazards. Thus it is really important to take up the stress management techniques in order to reduce the effects of stress on our body. Some of the stress related issues include, heart attack, stroke, increased blood pressure, etc. Thus we need to take up the stress management techniques in order to reduce these risks. Though the stress management techniques will be difficult to practice consistently. these techniques may bring neck pains, shoulder pains etc. As it gets practiced these pains become unnoticed.some of the reasons why we need to perform stress management techniques are:-

Health Issues

Severe Stress may lead to mental strain as well as physical pressure in the body. As a result our body will get worn out. Some of the syndromes that may occur due to the sever stress are, heart attack, stroke, increased blood pressure, increased pulse rate, skin diseases, cancer, nervous breakdown. These physical problems are caused only when we are exposed to sever stress. Another dangerous effects of stress is that it may even degrade the immunity system of our body. If we are not able to manage our stress, it may even kill us. Thus it is always better to take up some stress management techniques such as yoga or meditation, which will make us coupe up with these stress.

Preserving Relationships

Whenever we are under severe stress, we will not be able to know how we are behaving with others. We may speak in harsh words with our family members and relations. Though this is not intentional, there are chances that we may loose their relationships. They may avoid us seeing our behavior. More over once we calm down we may not known what we spoke. Thus it is always advised to avoid such situations. Thus we need to take up some stress management techniques which will let us known what are all the stressors and also how to handle them without much damage to others. Thus stress management techniques are necessary in our life.

Mental Pressure

stress not only trouble us physically but also mentally. We may loose our mind stability. Severe stress in our life may make us loose our efficiency. We may start making mistakes. Moreover we may become more and more confused with our work. This behavior slowly will lead to a paranoid state where the person will be not able to know what is he doing. Thus we have to do something to reduce this stress.

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