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Key to Reducing Stress

Stress could be reduced by performing some of the stress management techniques. But this I not the only thing which controls the stress. Man is social, mental, physical, and spiritual animal. So there are other causes which has to be taken into note along with the stress management technique to resolve the issues regarding the stress. Stress is caused when we interpret any danger or urgency, which results in the hypothalamus activating a set of hormones there by creating the stress.

Minds Interpretation

Stress begins with the interpretation of minds. It has some inter relationship with the mood. If a person is having some disorder in their moods then they are found to be having high stress. This is because they will be able to sense a lot of events which makes them always in the stress state. These people will be always having anxiety, fear, and worry all time with them. Even if the person don’t have a mood disorder, still due to some relationship between mood and stress, he will get stress occasionally.

Mental Stimulation

Stress is caused by the various events in life. Thus re-framing an event and assuming that no such event has occurred makes a feeling of reducing the stress. Playing cards, doing puzzles all will help in reducing the stress.

Relationships support

The major advantage of having family and relationships along with you is to reduce the stress. People who stay with their family and relatives are more stress resistant than people who stay lonely. These relationships will support you when you are in stress state. Thus it is always advised to have family and relatives and friends to lead a life without stress. It is very easy for the family to support you because they will be knowing your attitude and dislikes than relatives and friends.

Meditation and religion

Even though people don’t practice religion, it is better for us to take up meditations and prayers. This is because this will make you stress resistant. More over this will give you the mental strength to face the challenging problems. People who has divine power and trust in god used to have very good stress resistance.

Healthy Lifestyle

Another reason for a stress less life is a healthy life style. People who don’t have a good health are always prone to stress related problem. This is because when they get stress hypothalamus stimulates a lot of hormones which will take up ore energy form the body. If the people are not having much energy left with them, then it will make him weak and non resistant to stress.

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