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One Stress relief product that releases the stress on you is the “Tachyon energy”. There are various stress relief methods, among all the very important three products are food, bed and bath. These 3 products serve to be a very good medicine to relieve a person from stress.

Physiological effect

Physiologically food gives you a sugar rush and your blood sugar plummets and you would need for more food, this would in turn lead you to a stressful situation. A juicy hamburger, cheese cake, cool vanilla ice cream  would help to reduce stress. Thus when we take up the food , our blood raises and the blood temperature will get improved. This in turn will reduce the secretion of the stress hormones, as a result the stress gets reduced.


After a full day of work and stress you will go to sleep, also when we go to sleep, it is very important to keep the bed and organize the blankets and pillows in such a way you forget all the stress when you sleep over it. A good sleep will relax our minds and we will be able to think well the next day. Sleeping is a very good stress relief product. When we sleep we relax our body and brain. This will make us forget the stress due to office work.


Bathing must not be a normal one to release stress, it must be a deep and a big bath, which involves the activity of soaking yourself with warm water, and you, can indeed use scented bath salts and aromatherapy candles. It is scientifically proved that some types of aroma or smell will energize our body and mind which in turn will reduce the stress. Steam bath is known to be a prefect bath which will reduce our stress. Doing some massage while bathing also makes our body strong mentally and physically. Applying oil to our head is another way to cool our head which will also helps in reducing the stress. Play gentle music and your stress will be relieved to a great extent. This is because, music plays a major role in reducing the stress. This kind of bath is perhaps costly but it is the best one for having a healthy life.

There are lots of natural stress relief products available. But we cannot say that all the products will be effective over everyone. Thus the products which can stimulate our body should be identified before performing some of the products as the stress relief methods.

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