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Stress Relief

It is an important fact that has to be noted by all the individuals that they might be prone to many diseases like cancer, heart disease if they do not follow any Stress Relief techniques. We learn many techniques like time management, organizational management etc. to prevent stress but we rarely talk about stress relief. Stress relief is something which we should practice in our every day life. A stress full life is full of tension and anxiety. This is caused due to the work load in our office, or through our imaginations when not at work.

Feeling of Responsibility

It is a common feeling among all the individuals that if a person has more stress then it means that he is a highly responsible person. One would feel that the whole world can’t do anything without them. The mistake which such responsible people do is that they forget to protect themselves from the stress. This will affect their job and as a result the work through put of their work will get reduced. Thus even though these kind of feeling persists in a person they must equally give importance for the stress relief activities. They should take up some stress management techniques in order to prevent such excess stress situations.

Stress Response

Stress Response needs to be given more importance. Our stress response goes off all of the time, because we don't leave anything in reserve for emergencies. People who are already under stress even find it difficult to take care of their sick child who needs more care, stress relief comes to play a major e in these situations .A coffee picker would feel it less stress to go home and take care of his sick child than any higher professional would feel. If a car gets break down then the owner gets more stress among the midst of other stresses, whereas a coffee picker would not care as he would not even own a car. So one has to learn enough to respond sensibly to the situations that gives maximum stress. People with excess work load; have to understand the importance and difficulty of the work which he or she is performing. They need to divide among the stress the most and the least important stresses. Once they do this they will be able to easily manage their work even at a very high stress period. This way the people are able to handle the stress effectively.

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