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Rapid Induction Technique

Build yourself manually as contented as you can on a rug, a sofa or a chair breathe in extremely and breathe out, releasing all strong tensions all over in the body. Carry on breathing logically, simply and softly. Shut your eyes. Spotlight your concentration softly on your unconscious mind and give it the following instructions mutely and in series: concentrate on yourself by name. If name or nickname to which you frequently react routinely when called by a different person. Declare mutely to your unconscious mind

Agree to go and permit down. Think of your mind, emotions and physical body descend fast and extremely into leisure, migrant ever deeper and deeper until you achieve a level of rest.

Experience yourself

Now at this point, once more speak to your unconscious mind by name and once more say mutely to yourself. Experience yourself dipping deeper into rest, going down more and deeper until you achieve a different plateau of rest. Just once again, talk to your unconscious mind gently, mutely, by name and do again the control. And in conclusion, just the once more, talk to yourself in a quiet soft voice, calling yourself by name and giving yourself a last power, I want to rest more silently by this time you should get to a very useful level of deep leisure when you can give yourself very efficient suggestion just before achieving your preferred goals.

If you give yourself views in the form of visualizations, positive verbal suggestions, altered thoughts or emotions visualizing your perfect pattern and weight. Replacing any worries, anxieties, depressions or other harmful position by a intellect of self self-confidence, cheerfulness, satisfaction or other optimistic feeling through oral suggestions and optional thoughts. Permitting a emotion of deep enveloping calm to envelop you. Suggesting to your unconscious mind - time contraction for example, that the next hour will seem like only ten minutes have agreed. Some other suggestions stable with your selected goals. By daily practice for about two weeks, using this rapid self induction technique, you should be capable to put yourself into an efficient level of deep leisure, within 20 to 40 seconds whether lying down, sitting or status up.

If you have mastered the rapid self induction technique, with an extra 1 to 3 weeks of daily put into practice to complete a state of deep, efficient leisure within 1 to 10 seconds just by closing your eyes and wordlessly saying to yourself calm down. If it is almost immediate self induction should be experienced constantly in all positions.

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